You Are Beautiful The Way You Are

Antoine Tempé has been selected for the collective exhibition at Dakar You Are Beautiful The Way You Are produced by blackpuffin  and DM Media;

from October 22nd to December 31th 2020 in Dakar

© Antoine Tempé – WAA Dakar – Binta Sene Marchande ambulante au Plateau – 2016

You Are Beautiful The Way You Are was born from a desire to share new Black contemporary art with the local communities of Dakar, Senegal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. To bring Dakar, in an act of solidarity, the global voices of an emerging Black renaissance. The 21st century has seen a rise of influential Black thinkers who are questioning what it means to be Black today and what a Black future will look like. You Are Beautiful The Way You Are takes this conversation and brings it to the walls of Dakar, giving the people who walk its streets a voice to take part.