YCOS-Project was founded in January 2017 by art collector Olivier Salomon and curator-art critic Yves Chatap.

YCOS-Project is a production agency whose aim is to support artists in developing their projects – by curating, producing, selling and promoting their artistic projects. YCOS-Project is an agency facilitating ties between artists and institutions and art galleries.

We particularly focus on projects that participate in making artistic and social transformations visible. YCOS-Project supports contemporary artistic projects, especially in the fields of photography and visual arts.

We at YCOS-Project intend to focus on South-South projects in relation to our skills and scope of expertise.

YCOS-Project encourages new dialogues between Africa, Latin America and South East Asia, so as to offer new perspectives on their cultural and historical ties.

YOCS-Project contributes to the vitality of the art scenes by organizing exhibitions and art residencies.

The combined approach of a curator and a collector contributes to a dynamic and complementary reading of selected projects.