Hervé Yamguen

Hervé Yamguen lives and works in Douala (Cameroon). His field of expression is writing (he is the author of several collections of poems) as well as plastic arts. He also made inroads into the fields of photography and performance. His work has been shown in many countries: Germany, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, France, among others.
He regularly produces scenography for the theatre and designed and hosted the first Urban Scenography in New-Bell, a partnership between Scur’k and the Cercle Kapsiki, a collective of artists he co-founded. In front of his studio, the circle opened the K Factory, place of transdisciplinary artists’ residencies and contemporary art gallery, manifesting the political, artistic and social commitment of the artist within his neighborhood and his country. Recently named notable in his father’s village in the west of Cameroon, he reconnects with the codes of rituals and customs, while maintaining his posture as a contemporary artist.