Steeve Bauras

The photographer Steeve Bauras was born in 1982 in Fort-de-France where he began in 2000 art studies continued in 2004 in the sculpture studio of Emmanuel Saulnier at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Since then, he frequents in Paris and Berlin places of experimental music (or noise), exhibits internationally, travels alone from Krakow to Dakar and from Chile to Montreal, and creates for a young psychedelic rock band formed in 2010 (Wall of Death) incisive and meditative clips directly drawn from the source of his photographic inspiration.

Steeve ‘s works give photography a tempo – systole and diastole enriched by a sensitive practice of sculpture and the use of avant – garde music. The way he captures the intense energies produced by the atmospheres in which he constantly plunges a new look defies the critic, forces him to perform what a game of chess is called a Zugzwang: the blacks are in line. They are forced to playa losing blow.

If I insist on the strategy of the loser, the Zugzwang is that the artist himself makes a specific use, gathering under this title a series of works made since 2011: «Zugzwang is a German term meaning: forced blow.

The ideal would have been not to play, for fear of degrading its position, but it must. In my work this word translates well the state in which I can find myself before any new project, between the excitation and the enormous fright.

More subtly, the Zugzwang are hypotheses that I emit around the photography with regard to its modalities of demonstration and, above all, its weaknesses…»

Jean-Baptiste Mognetti