My Dears

Blue Brass Grass (Art Paris Digital), like a multifaceted mirage, opens up new visual perspectives. The artist claims each work as a unique moment conducive to a spectral introspection of light and the multiplicity of possibilities it offers.
Colour is a prism allowing him to explore the emotional part contained in each chromatic variation. Also, the experiments put into perspective in his reflections around the image are as many visual hypotheses for the viewer. Indeed, the artist not only questions us about what we see, but also its impact on the multiple feelings it can trigger.
In this solo show, Steeve Bauras imposes a part of his research specific to his artistic practice. Each piece is the reflection of hypotheses poetically materializing the fragility of our humanity.

My - Dears - Untitled
My Dears - One for my Baby
My Dears - Untitled N°02
My Dears - Untitled N°01
My Dears - Untitled N°02
My Dears - Untitled N°04
My Dears - Colours Insight
My Dears - Untitled N°05