Alain Polo dit Belle Garçon

Alain Polo Nzuzi is a visual artist, photographer, videographer and performer. Trained at the School of Fine Arts of Kinshasa, he is involved in various projects of committed artistic actions, intended for the public space and the Congolese urban reality, notably the Scénographies Urbaines and the actions of the collective SADI that he created with Yves Sambu and Fransix Tenda. In his work, he questions the political violence linked to the news and history of the Congo DRC, while questioning masculinity and its representations.
In 2008-2009 he made his first series of photographs in which he put himself on stage, performing his masculine, sensual and vulnerable image. His performances incorporate sculpture, Voguing, elements from fashion to divert them. Under the name of artist of Belle Garçon, he explores the intimate, emancipating from the genre and the usual manly canons to invent more fluid and live concretely, free.